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Qvis Viewer Lite

2.99 usd

Qvis Viewer is used to view and control video from certain Qvis DVRs, Hybrids and NVRs (listed below). Please ensure your DVR is compatible before buying Qvis Viewer. If you're unsure of your DVR model, contact your installer and confirm before purchasing this app.There are multiple versions of Qvis Viewer. Please review the Features list and purchase the one right for your needs.Features • Use Favorites to keep an unlimited number of DVR logins and network info • Flick left or right to switch between cameras or • Select cameras by thumbnail image or camera name • Full screen single camera and • Arbitrary camera arrangement in an unlimited number of 2x2 layouts • Name and keep an unlimited number of camera layouts • Single touch switches between HD and regular video quality • Zoom in/out using standard pinch gestures • Pan around during zoom by dragging video • Portrait and landscape mode • Video stream automatically adapts to available cellular bandwidth • Choice of English or Italian language • Every feature available over both cellular and WiFi networks • Qvis Viewer Lite does not support playback nor PTZ control Compatible Qvis DVRs: Discovery, LX Apollo and LX Zeus series; Atlantis HD; Avalon HD; and Cyborg/T4.Specific models: • Atlantis, Avalon, Eden, Eldorado & Shangri-La - Discovery models • LX HDRT, LX ProDC, LX ProLite, LX Zeus & LX Zeus HD - LX models • Atlantis HD & Avalon HD - HD models • CTPro, Cyborg, T4 & Terminator - Pro modelsPorts: Use media port, default = 34567, not mobile port, for all but Pro models. For Pro models use mobile port, default = 50000.